Have your “EPIC” overnight adventure at EPIC Climbing & Fitness. After the gym closes your group will have it all to yourself all night long. Climb the Top Ropes, Boulder to your heart’s content or try your skills on the slack-line. These are fun filled nights perfect for your Scout group, Church youth groups, sports teams or that marathon birthday party. All equipment is included and belay instruction is included for everyone 13 years and older.

Please call us at 317-247-1931 or email to info@climbepic.com to check availability. We generally need about a month advance notice to staff.


•$500 Minimum-(Covers First 20 participants)
•$20.00 – each additional
•Deposit of $150 due at time of booking
(Booking of at least 4 weeks in advance is required to ensure availability.)


•Time: 10pm – 7:00am
•One staff member will be present throughout the event.
•If people in your group already know how to belay, they will need to take a belay test when they arrive.
•Gear is included in the fee. Belay lesson for anyone 13 and over.
• Don’t forget to fill out waivers online prior to the event! The waivers for children under the age of 18 must be completely filled out and signed by their parent or STATE APPOINTED LEGAL GUARDIAN.
•Groups must have 1:10 (adults:kids) ratios for chaperones