Thanks to everyone who came out for your USAC Sport and Speed Local and our Fight or Flight community comp. See you all next year!

Congrats to our top 3 finishers in each category!

            Women’s Novice                                            Women’s Intermediate

1st – Miranda Nehrig                                           1st – Gili Goldfrad

2nd – Bailey Middleton                                        2nd – Whitney Lewis

3rd – Nicole Van Klompenburg                          3rd – Amy Donhardt


Women’s Advance                                              Women’s Open

1st – Nancy Jacobson                                           1st – Piper Kelly

2nd – Jen Smith                                                     2nd – Shae Kelly

3rd – Becca Harris                                                 3rd – Kate Seward


Men’s Novice                                                        Men’s Intermediate

1st – Kevin Butler                                                  1st – Austin Graef

2nd – Vignesh Sivaprakasam                              2nd – Kristopher Keaton

3rd – Jason Donhardt                                           3rd – Galen Bartlett


Men’s Advance                                                    Men’s Open

1st – Thomas Monzingo                                      1st – Chuy Vidaurri

2nd – Illio Gonzalez                                               2nd – Carlos Vidaurri

3rd – Pete Arthur                                                  3rd – Ryan Babbitt