You’re never too old to run away with the circus! Get ready for an amazing total body workout that builds lean muscle, strength, flexibility, agility and confidence.This class is for first time and beginner participants (ages 13 and up), though seasoned flyers are welcome to join in and refine their fundamental aerial skills. Students will master multiple types of footlocks, inversions, and methods of climbing during this 75 minute session.



Tone and stretch your body and relax your mind. Yoga For Climbers is a yoga class specifically for the mobility and mentality needs of climbers and athletes. Samantha is the only yoga teacher in Indiana who teaches the Bowspring, a new alignment of yoga that is gaining popularity around the globe, especially among climbers.

This class is great for people who are seasoned yogis or those who have never laid foot on a yoga mat!!! Think you are not flexible or “bad” at yoga? You will change your mind after this empowering class. Or, are you a regular yoga practitioner and can do the splits and full wheel? See how the Bowspring alignment can open and strengthen areas you didn’t even know existed!

Improve your game in sports, increase your ability in any movement. Heal physical pain and injury. Quiet the mind and improve focus. Empower yourself and have fun while doing it!!

Mondays 6-7p


Yoga Flow for Climbers is a class for all levels from beginner to intermediate! This class helps improve strength, build flexibility, and develop breathing cues for dynamic movements, both on the mat and in the world. Together we will work on opening and stretching the hips, shoulders, and back as well as increase strength in the abs, arms, and legs. This holistic and athletic style of yoga flow is a functional and fun way to work hard and rest in equal measure. Come improve your mind, body, and spirit! Together we can climb to new heights!

Tuesdays 6-7p with Samantha G


Beginner/Intermediate vinyasa flow with a different peak pose each week. Great class to grow and work towards your personal yoga goals. You can make this class as challenging as you want with the options given throughout the flow or just stick to the fundamentals of the class. No yoga experience required

Wednesdays 6 – 7p


This 60-minute all-levels class explores the depth of a physical yoga practice. Though the class will vary from week-to-week, each practice will be a unique balance of challenging and restorative. Students will find both a strength-building workout and a calming release of physical tension through a dynamic vinyasa flow.

Sundays 11a-12p



Designed for anyone looking to develop a solid strength base. Excellent for the beginner – intermediate climber looking to take their climbing to the next level or the non-climber seeking a full body program. Each class will consist of a full body routine.

Tuesdays 7:15p-8:15p

Trainer: Michael Doty, MA, CFT


Ready to get that core super strong? Ab Lab is an core intensive class that will get those super important stabilizer muscles in shape. The perfect end to your climbing session or perfect warm-up!

Thursdays 7p-7:45p


Are you looking for a way to improve your overall fitness or for something to give you an edge climbing? EPIC’s group strength class has your answers! Group strength class is perfect for all levels of fitness, whether you have never worked out in your life or are an advanced athlete.”

Trainer: Michael Doty, MA, CFT